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From running a radio studio to getting the best sound - we talk to the talent behind the scenes who get radio Creating a good radio feature is all about the art of shaping sound to tell compelling stories. Jon Ronson, A behind-the-scenes look at the world's longest-running continuing drama, with the experiences of two actors, The editor of Radio 4's Home Front and Birmingham's first writer-in-residence share their tips on writing an Peter Leslie Wild tells us about his role as a radio drama director and shares his tips for recording drama.

Peter Leslie Wild is a radio drama director and offers an insight into his role as a radio drama director. Studio manager Andrew Partington reveals some of the secrets of spot effects. Visualisation on radio is one way for stations like Radio 1 to attract and engage its demanding audiences, but what are The team assistant is often the hidden voice in a radio production, but one of the most essential parts of the Studio manager Emma Harth describes her work, mixing radio sound and maintaining quality on a range of Dari Samuels gives us some great advice on being Ed Smith, broadcast journalist at Radio Norfolk, discusses his role on the morning Nick Conrad talk show.

Niall Young talks about his role as audio supervisor on the Radio 3 show Late Junction. Edwina Wolstencroft is an editor at BBC Radio 3 and takes us through a typical day managing a portfolio of Radio 4 producer and comedy geek Colin Anderson talks about his route into radio and gives advice to anyone World Service's Kristian Hansen shares some golden rules of live radio production and top tips for becoming a Tips on how to present as well as how to become a radio presenter and create a brilliant demo.

How do you make the leap from community to national radio? See how this presenter and her producer prepared What are the essentials you need to know to be a DJ on the radio? Fancy yourself as the next Jo Whiley or Scott Mills?

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  • 1. Get the right gear.
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Here are some essential tips for being a brilliant radio Here are six tips from producer Gabriella Incalza How do you go from being a club DJ to broadcasting on one of the UK's most popular radio stations? Radio 1's The route to being a radio presenter is littered with disappointment.

Harsh words or realistic advice? She offers her tips for those wanting What do you need to do to become a radio presenter? Luck, hard work or both? Get tips and advice from Greg What does it take to make a great specialist music show? Proteus is BBC Radio's key commissioning, scheduling and production information tool. Find out how it can help you to If you want to write comedy, radio is the perfect place to start.

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Producing music radio Tips for working on live radio programmes for music radio stations. Guide to a radio studio Gary Bales shows us around the studio where he produces Lauren Laverne's show on 6 Music. How to make a radio show Ever wondered what goes into making an award-winning radio show? Radio producers deal with station managers, accountants, the community, and the FCC.

Paying Your Dues Wanna job in radio? Get a degree. Over colleges offer programs in journalism and mass communications, including programs in radio and television broadcasting. Some trade schools offer 6-month courses in radio and television announcing, writing, and production.

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Most people who want a career in broadcasting gain initial experience working at college radio stations or through internships at professional stations. Interns are often unpaid, but the hands-on training they earn can be invaluable, often leading to higher paying jobs. Some radio producers start out as production assistants, helping the producer create the programming.

They also provide clerical and research assistance. Radio producers just starting out usually find a job in smaller stations serving smaller markets. Competition for positions in large metropolitan areas is strong. The chance for advancement is small unless employees change employers.

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Relocation to communities in other parts of the country is frequently necessary. Present and Future Radio stations have been around since the early Twenties. In fact, some companies are working on a national radio system. No matter where you are in the country, you will be able to receive radio broadcasts from radio stations all over.

Even as new stations are being made, a lot are being consolidated to cut costs. There are many well priced production elements available online — grab as many as you can and keep trying to make new productions. Reproduce — Listen to productions on top radio stations in the world and try to reproduce the sound! It can be one of the best ways to learn new techniques as well as develop your very own. Learn from others — Attend courses in person or online from reputable sources!

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At the time of writing I have over free tutorials on radio production available on my YouTube channel. Essential Elements of Radio Production Every good radio producer needs certain ingredients to make outstanding radio production happen. Here is the list of things you will need in order to do a good job: Radio Imaging Elements — In other words sound fx, music beds and pads. It has always been the most important thing for me to be on the clear side with the licensing. It should also be to you if you take this career seriously enough.

Radio Production Software — Find the software you feel the most comfortable with. Whilst free alternatives are available, they can limit your possibilities and as a result create lesser quality radio production.

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Adobe Audition 3. If you do not have any budget I suggest grabbing this free version instead. It will be better than any free software you can get. It is very easy to under-appreciate this, however do bare in mind the top professionals in the industry would have spent years in training and practice as well as education.

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This is noticed in the final quality. At the very least make sure that voices you use have a good quality recordings they can provide. If you are ever in a need of quality voices, here at Music Radio Creative we can help. Previous Pat Sharp Jingles.

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