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5 Important Reasons to Try Classroom Directed Drawing

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Have you tried classroom drawing? The results have been incredible! Read on to find out why! There is room for classroom drawing! The skills they learn translate to their own drawings.

Classroom drawing helps build important skills! Classroom drawing produces amazing results! Directed, classroom drawings produce masterpieces. Plain and simple! Kids see themselves as artists! Ready to try directed drawings in your classroom? For more tips and strategies, see the resources below!

Resources for Teaching Classroom Drawing Drawing Mats — Weekly Classroom Drawing Activity Drawing Mats provide a lot of practice each week building drawing skills and following step-by-step instructions. Looking for more classroom drawing resources? There was an error submitting your subscription.

Please try again. If you doubt your caliber as an artist, download and read the lesson titled — Understanding Talent. To access the lessons in full, you need to register free. As a child, you must have wanted to make your own comic strip 3 Ways to Create Your Own Photo Comic Strip 3 Ways to Create Your Own Photo Comic Strip Whether you want to create a photonovel or photo story, or even just an amusing Facebook profile picture, these are the three apps you need.

It takes a special kind of talent to combine cartoons with a sense of humor. Drawing Coach has drawing tutorials of all types, but it leans more towards cartoons. It will teach you everything step-by-step — from drawing people to tracing tattoos. I like that the tutorials are light in theory but heavy on technique. Read More in the style of Chuck Close. I spent some time on the aerial perspective lesson and even tried my hand at it. You might hate Flash, but the animation here is high quality.

It is just a step-by-step tutorial on a single topic — how to draw a head. Also, it is a stepping stone to portrait skills. Unique Feature: All members have the same tools so the difference is just the talent. Rate My Drawings is a leading online art community with 50, plus members. The site is a platform for drawing tutorials and community forums to learn and share.

The same online drawing tool is also the canvas for multi-user collaborative art. You can draw and chat. For instance, an interactive tutoring session can be easily set up by two or more users. With a free membership, you can enjoy interactive features like live chat and IM. The tutorials are step by step and easy to follow. What makes them easier to follow are the screencasts along with the step by step instructions. You can also create your own tutorials, thus teaching others how to draw.

There is a Flash-based whiteboard for digital art and mobile apps for iOS to support your learning. If you have just taken up the paintbrush or the pencil, it will take you a while to reach Deviant Art. The enthusiasm, guidance, and commiseration that you'll find can work wonders for your creativity. But, you can take up the Daily Sketch Challenge anytime because it welcomes all skill levels. The challenge was started in Keep the sketchbook aside. Here are a few courses to get you started.

Each video is just 5 minutes long. Take a look at the Drawing Habit first. Then, dive into the different topics. For instance, Chapter 2 and 3 cover traditional drawing. Pinterest is a launch pad for more. Pinterest is a visual smorgasbord. In , the social site has more than million active users a month. I have 4 now! Many thanks for this informative website! I learned a lot and yet many things to be tried and learned! Really thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed it Fatima, and pleased your paintings are going well! This has been pretty helpful, since I am not not too old, I am somewhat young.

I can finally draw one myself :D. Great article, but I am bit confused. When you say to draw the shape around the object, lets say a lamp, am I to look at the outer part of object? Like if the base of the lamp has a curve, should I be looking at the outer part of curve and go from there? Please help me Thank you. Hi Jerry, you might find this website, more focused towards drawing comics of benefit. Hope this helps,. Trying to become more happy with the process and the fact I actually got something down on paper should be the goal.

So true Phil, comparing yourself with the past Old Masters is a sure fire way of self-doubt with your drawing. I have never truly tried to do art on my off time since I am so bad at it. This article gives me a little bit of motivation to perhaps give it more of a chance. I usually paint more abstract crazy objects and animals but I want to go more into drawing the human more realistic so do you have any tips on how to do that or is that more of something I have to just practice and let it come naturally?

Btw your website helped me a lot. I love it! My inner critic is alive and well fed. My problem is that some days, I draw from my shoulder… and some days I just attempt to draw without warming up or putting my shoulder into it at all. I also have tried putting the pencil in my left hand, grabbing my left wrist with my right hand, and letting my right shoulder draw, with the left hand doing nothing but holding the pencil. It works! Try setting yourself a challenge of filling a sketchbook in a day.

It will force you to work quick, and not be as precious about the process. Since new years is right around the corner i wanted to do something i thought i never could before, and one of the is drawling. After reading this its giving me hope that i can get to where i need to be. Hi, I found this article really interesting. Hi Emma, all you need to do it take a plastic eraser and very carefully cut it to a sharp point, then you can use this thin edge of the eraser to pull back the highlights, if you find the eraser too tricky to hold you can also use a perfection eraser like this one from Faber Castell.

Hello There. I am starting out drawing and my question is if being fifteen years old nearly sixteen is too late to start drawing? But when i did a realism picture, I was surprised at how well I did! I draw as much as I can each day… but I keep wondering if it is too late for me to start or if I would be able to catch up to people who have been drawing since they were young…. Hi Amely, I think the oldest student I currently have who is starting drawing from scratch is 93, so it is definitely not too late for you to start, sounds like perfect timing.

Thanks for replying Will. Your comment is greatly appreciated : And wow! That person has alot of spirit! Start with a single object in a strong directional light source and build from that starting point. I personaly never had drawing lessons and I like drawing, I always have. Is there a difference with a person who has never had drawing lessons but naturaly has a talent in drawing and a person who learns by training with a teacher? Hi Oliver, drawing lessons and practice will always give you much more experience to create realistic drawing.

Hi im isabelle Im 16 and i love art and drawing, its one of my absolute favorite things to do. I am very creative. I love drawing on myself and other people, i want to be a tattoo artist when i get older or anything with art if that doesnt work out. Anyways, when i draw its always patterns and flowers. Its different shapes and colors and patterns and designs.

But i never actually draw objects, im not near as good. It really bothers me because its so limiting. I see other people drawing amazing scenes and whatnot, and i just dont know how. Another thing is that i know i am very creative, but i dont know how to express it. Like, ill get in the mood to draw or paint and make something, but i have no idea what to draw.

And its frustrating. What can i do? It makes me feel like im losing my creativness, and thats the last thing i want. I know that i wanna create something amazing but i never can think of anything. I dont know if you have any suggestions or not, but anything would help. The process of just making will be the best source of inspiration for your work. I love to draw and this is how I came to this website, and I would love to learn it. By the way, is digital drawing with mouse different than hand drawing?

I mean, if I learn hand drawing will I be great digital artist as well? Hi Jan, nice to hear from you, yes drawing with a mouse is much different than drawing with a pen, but drawing with a stylus such as on a Wacom tablet will give you the closest feel to hand drawing with a pencil or pen. Thanks very much that helps a lot. Thanks you so much Will. First of all you made me realize i really love painting and looks like i have a natural aptness and passion to hardwork about it, also your article give me psyhcological boost to make my dreams happen about painting.

I believe your online stuff will help me from the thousands miles away. Thanks for everything! Wow, this is me. I could draw! Hi Will, I came over to your site for a little positivity after watching a lecture on how to become successful in an art career. Afterwards I felt defeated. So thank you for being so encouraging and positive! I can do realistic drawings using simple measuring instrument, pencil and eraser. It depends, some work from photos, other from life, realistic drawings are a constant method of measuring and comparing with your eye.

Thank you for the interesting article. If asked to picture something in my mind I see nothing- no shape, no colors, no lines, no letters, no numbers, no images at all! Just wondered if you have ever come across someone like me in your teaching and if you have any ideas that may help me in my creative pursuits. Hi Anne, I would look into practicing developing your visual memory skills, you might find this book by Darren Rousar of interest which focuses on memory drawing: Memory Drawing: Perceptual Training and Recall Cheers, Will.

Hello Will, I have a question that you may not have answered before and this might be a bit long winded but it will only have one point I promise! I was always relatively good at art when I was in school and sketched and drew regularly up until I started work at seventeen, then I more or less stopped for drawing for 15 years ironically my main jobs in-between were an engraver and leaded glass designer I now have more time on my hands and have found myself compelled to sketch and draw at any opportunity.

The only place I can do this is at the computer desk in the living room very late at night with some music. The thing is I have a young family as well and I can rarely commit anything to paper when the kids are in full flow at least they have some flow!! And now for my point, I feel like I could really progress in my art if I moved my desk to another room and sketched in peace and quiet for an hour or so.

What are your views on where someone practices their art and is a little isolation artistically a good thing? Ramble over! Thanks, Shane. Hi Shane, nice to hear from you, I think creating in a variety of spaces to find what works best is the best way to trial it. I know some artists who can only work in complete silence, or others that love being in a shared studio space.

I would just try initially starting with a small sketchpad and get urban sketching. Thank you so much for this, Will. I was so inspired! I am a creative person. And I love to paint. But that passion of mine has eluded me. I did not pursue honing my craft. But after reading your article, it gets my creative juices flowing again. Learn to shutdown my left brain and feed my subconscious mind positively. Now learning again the basics of drawing. And will fill the canvas with oils and acrylics after.

Hi Nel, so pleased you found the article helpful, thanks for letting me know, much appreciated. I am like that talking to myself, I am extremely self critical. I started drawing at home about 1 year ago, and should have made progress, BUT I have real difficulties to close the critical half of my brain. I have a lot of ideas in my head beautiful pictures, but the line between the brain and my hand seems to not function. What do I do wrong? Your website is extremely motivating, i am one of those folks who turn to drawing when i get bored from the daily routine.

I love the experience of being in the flow which i usually call as something out of this world, but thats rare these days. I need to get back to drawing :. Your explanation of the concepts is easy. My promise to myself is to check all your videos this week. This article is really helpful! I am amadexterious, so both sides of my brain are usually active at the same time.

Realism is a huge challenge for me. I can never seem to get the proportions or lines just right. Portraits especially are difficult when facing the front. My left side brain always gets in the way. Even the person I taught the basics of drawing has far surpassed me. I guess my left brain continued getting in the way, even when I was following my flow. I want to be well versed, not just have art and the style of what I wish to major in.

This article really helps letting me see things from another angle. That is the essence of drawing, draw the space and the object will appear. Thank you again Will! I will definitely work on not labeling objects. Doing so may save me a lot of frustration. First of all, amazing article. Do you have any advice that could help to explain or fix this? Anything helps, thank you so much! Putting yourself and your work out there is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding aspects of creating anything.

Hi Danny, drawing is a case of practising, making mistakes and then drawing again, just like learning any skill. So keep up the habit and your inspiration will flow. Hi Palvisha, it sounds just like a case of getting back into the drawing habit with your drawings. If I miss two days, my manager knows it. If I miss three days, my audience knows it.

Good luck with your character drawings Starminer, pleased you found the insights helpful. No wonder the best artists copy copy copy until they finally create? He traced and copied all his favorite artists till something clicked one day and everything fell into place. Great to hear it Montana, yes, drawing what you actually see rather that what you think you see is the key to drawing realistically from life.

Hi Josalyn, so pleased you found the article inspiring, getting going on the practice of drawing, yet still being aware of your inner critic, will help you to develop your practical drawing skills and then the brain will slowly start to quieten down. Thank you ever so much for this. I came looking for support, all my friends are incredible artists, some have been working for their entire lives, and one has worked for so much less time than I have, but is a purely incredible artist, while I was still only mediocre.

What if i never got as far as they, even though my hard work was so invisible in my drawings. I was upset by this fact, of course, anyone would. Thankyou so much! I love painting. But when I start painting an apple it becomes an Orange. I live in India. My friend told me about you. She said your article helped her so much, well it helped me too.

One day recently I decided to randomly draw a picture of a wolf and it turned out really well and I was very proud looking back its pretty shit but I was happy at the time and I decided to try and get into drawing. Should I just stop art and accept my fate as a non arty person? Or should I keep battling to improve? If you think of learning to draw like learning anything for the first time, it takes time, energy and practice. Also, you need to compare your progress to you, not to the other students around you.

Draw that same object for the next 10 days, 10 x 10 minutes drawings. Like practicing scales in music. Will it be a little bit boring at times? But at the end of 10 days will your drawing has improved? After reading this I really feel I can do it. This was highly fascinating. I am a highschool student and work on manga and cartoon style drawing. I had heard some of this before, but most of this I had not heard. This was a great inspiration to keep drawing.

Any advice or recommendations? Thank you Olivia. Pleased you enjoyed it Olivia, for Manga-style drawings Mark Crilley has a great channel. Thanks a lot, half of what I read was actually what my mentality was running on. I just hope this insight will help me want to start motivating myself again. Really started enjoying this content!!

I paint just for fun and love of it, but thought of learning the art of painting professionally.. Wow, this helps a lot. Perhaps I should try more instrumental music instead. Really pleased you found it helpful, hope you enjoy experimenting with the techniques. Thank you so much!! Now I feel that I can make myself think that i can try to start drawing. Thank you so much once again. I start of and think its okay then i get to a part i think is tricky and then i can never get it right!

I really need to watch those videos. I have always wanted yo learn to draw and feel I have it in me. I am a very creative person but not artistic. Perhaps I do think too much. I have decided to make learning to let go and draw as one of my goals for I will use your drawing for absolute beginners as my guide through this process. I will let you know how it goes!! However that is a good thing.

How to Illustrate a Picture Book: Creating the Drawings

Anyway great article very inspiring. Thank you so much for this article. I started learning to draw last May so this is my first full year of drawing and improving. I know I will get better with time and patience. The key is to never ever give up. Learning to draw has helped me deal with my anxiety and because of that I feel so much better. I feel as though I lost my creative touch. The most frustrating thing is I used to look at a sheet of paper and knew what was supposed to be there.

Drawing or painting was almost like tracing, I already saw the image, hardly ever using anything as a guide. My mind just knew. It really bothers me now because I have lost that. I feel as though the picture is gone, I have a problem with writing also. I guess I lost it after I had children. I could no longer dream and be creative; I had to be organized. Almost like I switched sides of my brain that I was using.

How do I get it back?? Hi Amanda, just by practising simple drawings will start to bring your skills back. Thank you so much. So thank you for the insite. I have never had any training and taught myself with books but recently have had time to use the web and I really think your web school is one of the best, and have taken a lot away from it in just a few weeks. So I must engage my right side more but I must admit it seems easier said than done! I have always had jobs with a technical bent-like presently 20 years as an IT tech-I retire next year so maybe I will be orientate my old brain less to detail and more the imagination!

Thanks for such a great web site!

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

Thanks you so much for posting this! You have no idea how much this will encourage me to keep sketching and keep getting better. Every since I was a kid, I was taught to think that being an artist was unrealistic for me because I would have to be born with the talent for it. However, about a year ago, I had realized that art was my passion and that I had settled for less and compromised my happiness because I listened to the left side of my brain. So, thank you so much for helping! There are very few people who seek to help people like me.

I really appreciate this! Hi Neema, so pleased you found the article helpful and are feeling inspired on your artistic journey. This exactly explains my over-analytical ADHD brain. What insight! In other words, Get out of your own damn way and let the creativity flow. This article actually helped me. I used to be able to just draw people.

Now, I can draw other things besides people. Thx a lot. When I was little I was told not to bother by parents and because of being taught as well I had no worth or value, I never expressed myself as a small child should have done. I want to let myself have that chance now, so thank you for this. I love the before after picture of the mug.

Well done you for encouraging people and for your kindness. Makes all the difference. But I am trying. Do you think there are any tips to how I can begin to actually love my drawings even if they are just sketches. I am literally laughing with tears: that mug is almost precisely like my first effort as of two weeks ago. This was an inspiring read. And I refuse to continue and waste time trying to draw something that is already incorrect in my eyes. Why should I put more effort into a task that is already proving to be discouraging and outright poor? I just want to be able to draw the things I have floating around in my head, but every time I put pencil to paper, it instantly starts out wrong.

Best Drawing Apps for Kids

Try just with sketching really simple objects, as more complicated objects and shapes are just a combination of simple shapes combined. Now it makes sense. I used to be able to draw, and relished it. Then life took over and I had to make a living in a legal environment — using my right brain. I just thought it was lack of practise use it or lose it but the two halves of the brain makes sense. Hi Will Thanks a lot for this insightful information. Especilly I got this mail at a time when I am losing my flow to draw and paint.

You are a great motivator. Hope after reading what you said will encourage me to do better. Keep in touch and sharing good information Thanks once again. Thank you so much for this very informative email about flow. I have been drawing since I was age 7. I could always get so absorbed into drawing. I am 73 now, and I put on music, mostly nature inspired. I totally go into the now and begin drawing or painting. Total bliss. Sometimes my life is very stressful, and this is a comforting escape.

I sincerely thank you for this article and will check out some of your paid stuff. Hi Will just wanted to know your opinion on gridding a Drawing? Can this method be used as a learning tool to better understand proportions or is this simply cheating? Many Thanks. Hi Danny, yes gridding can be a great learning tool, you cn start with a smaller grid more squares and then get less and less as your perception improves.

Thank you , Will, for making the right brain, left brain subject easy to comprehend. I am taking a class right now in beginning drawing. It is frustrating and fascinating at the same time. But at least now I know what is happening in my head! And what you said about talking is so true.

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I find that even trying to draw while the other people chatter in class is difficult. Hi, I used to love to draw when I was young. But I stopped it after I went to middle school. I lost my passion about art. Now, I want to start it again. I want to find jobs that are related to drawing. Should I start with fundamentals exercise? Should I start with human figure first? How do I start it? Is there a way I can start drawing while thinking positively about my artwork?

Seeing a sense of self-progress is the best way to keep yourself encouraged and happy with your drawing. My older sister is the arty one in my family and they just congratulate her all the time on her art which is good. Try finding the favourite thing in your room and set a plan to draw that same thing every day for the next 7 days, but there are rules.

The drawing has to go in an envelope in a drawer. Only at the end of day 7 can you have a look at your drawings. I am 12 year old my art skills has been imporved thanks a lot. Hence I found your article here. Have you ever improved your driving skills? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are not alone.

Because it causes mind freeze. Completely involved in what we are doing — focused, concentrated. A sense of ecstasy — of being outside everyday reality. Great inner clarity — knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing. Knowing that the activity is doable — that skills are adequate to the task. A sense of serenity — no worries about oneself, and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the ego. Timelessness — thoroughly focused on the present, our sin to pass by in minutes.

Intrinsic motivation — whatever produces flow becomes its own reward. You can get to this stage of involvement whilst drawing… until you get interrupted. You can learn to talk and draw at the same time but it takes practice. You have a harsh inner critic You can learn to draw, you just might not believe it and this is often the first stumbling block to attaining a new skill. Drawing is as much a mental game as an observational game. Changing your internal script Often successes in our lives stem from our own internal beliefs. Well yes and no. I draw the shapes around the bottle and then the bottle is drawn for me.

Let me explain some more. Imagine drawing the bottom of a boat, one straight horizontal line. That line now shares an edge with the bottom of the boat and the water. One line, two edges. That boat you were having trouble with is just a series of lines and shapes. How I draw So if I draw the space around a bottle, it shares an edge with space and the bottle so the bottle is drawn by me not drawing it. Drawing is a paradox. To see something as an artist sees it, you have to look at the Abstract elements within it.

A brief overview of left brain right brain A right-brain outlook on life can give you a holistic view, where left brainers are often more detail orientated. Most people are a mix between the two, do any of these character traits seem familiar? How to learn to draw without years of study I believe anyone can learn how to draw accurately and realistically — without years of grueling study.

You will learn how to confidently pick up a pencil and draw any scene in front of you. May 4, Will Kemp 27 Jul Reply. Thanks again, Will. Astalynn 3 Mar Reply. Will Kemp 3 Mar Reply. Will Kemp 27 Sep Reply. Cooper 1 Oct Reply. Will Kemp 1 Oct Reply. Hey Cooper, Pleased you enjoyed it, I have found that students who are right handed often prefer to draw people looking to the left. Cooper 9 Oct Reply. Yeah, I am right handed : But thanks for the heads up, its going to help! Sheryl 27 Oct Reply.

10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is so Important for Kids

Fantastic writeup.. Sincerely… Thankyou Sheryl. Will Kemp 28 Oct Reply. Thanks Sheryl, Really pleased it helped. Nair Carina 2 Nov Reply. Will Kemp 2 Nov Reply. Hope this helps, Thanks, Will. Thanks for the motivation :D. Naijuwan 3 Aug Reply. Thanks, I have new hope going forward with my art now :. Will Kemp 7 Aug Reply.

10 Sites That Will Teach You How to Draw Well

RaVen 27 Nov Reply. Will Kemp 27 Nov Reply. Bond 4 Dec Reply. Amazing article! Thank you for responde. Will Kemp 5 Dec Reply. Mar 6 Dec Reply. Will Kemp 7 Dec Reply. Good Grief 6 Dec Reply. Mia 11 Dec Reply. Will Kemp 12 Dec Reply. Mia 12 Dec Reply. Ok, that helps! Thanks for your time! Joe 14 Dec Reply. Any ideas on how to help? Will Kemp 14 Dec Reply. Hi Joe, The irony is, learning to draw will help to quieten your mind. Joe 15 Dec Reply. Will Kemp 15 Dec Reply. Paola 26 Dec Reply. I find your article very interesting. Thanks for posting it!

I really hope this helps, cause I want to have back what made me special once. Will Kemp 28 Dec Reply. Hi Paola, Pleased the article resonated with you, the sketchbook will really help, as it acts as a visual diary to your drawing process. Nicole 31 Dec Reply. Will Kemp 31 Dec Reply.

Cheers Nicole, pleased you enjoyed the article. Thanks, Will. Hailey 11 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 11 Jan Reply. Cheers Hailey, glad it helped! Mario 28 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 29 Jan Reply. Neathin Smith 5 Feb Reply. Will Kemp 5 Feb Reply. Hi Neathin, When learning to draw, or learning any new skill, a regular habit is the key to your progress.

Hope this helps, Cheers, Will. Neathin Smith 7 Feb Reply. Thanks Will your insight is very helpfull, great article too very helpfull keep it up :.

Will Kemp 7 Feb Reply. Thanks Neathin, pleased it helped. Neathin Smith 11 Feb Reply. Will Kemp 12 Feb Reply. Will Kemp 28 Mar Reply. Well, what a full and interesting comment! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to share your knowledge, Cheers, Will. Akira Skye 25 Mar Reply. Neathin Smith 3 Apr Reply. Thank you Neathin. Will Kemp 8 Apr Reply. For example: limit yourself to 6 lines for drawing a cup. I hope this helps and practice this technique using different subjects, Cheers, Will.

Sally 8 May Reply. Will Kemp 10 May Reply. Nina 11 May Reply. Will Kemp 22 May Reply. Hi Nina, Oh no! Rosie 19 May Reply. Will Kemp 20 May Reply. Deanna 8 Jun Reply. Will Kemp 12 Jun Reply. However, the skills needed to draw a portrait are the same as drawing a Rose. The aim is to be looking at the object more than the paper. Hope this helps, Will. Maay Kaay 13 Jun Reply. Will Kemp 14 Jun Reply. Thanks Maay, pleased it brought back some fond memories of your creativity!

Ian 24 Jun Reply. Will Kemp 25 Jun Reply. John 4 Jul Reply. Will Kemp 5 Jul Reply. Pleased the article helped John, Cheers, Will. Jade 17 Jul Reply. Jade P. I am not sure Sorry about the lengthy comment, but I had so much to ask you! Will Kemp 18 Jul Reply. Drawing does take practice, so keep acting on those moments of inspiration! Will Kemp 4 Aug Reply. Lana 18 Aug Reply.

Will Kemp 18 Aug Reply. Brandon Austin 27 Aug Reply. Will Kemp 27 Aug Reply. Hi Brandon, pleased you found the article helpful. This is really a great article and would love to share to others! Plus he has some attitude that is difficult to deal when it comes to teaching him I tried With this kind of attitude plus his with CTS, will he ever learn to draw properly? Will Kemp 8 Oct Reply. Georgina 18 Oct Reply.

Will Kemp 18 Oct Reply. Hi Georgina, Great to hear from you and you bring up an interesting point about working from memory. Davi 18 Dec Reply. Hello Will, Thanks a lot for the very good article. Thanks a lot, again. Will Kemp 19 Dec Reply. Hi Davi, Pleased you enjoyed the article, yes , I do think you will be able to learn how to draw.

James Hammond 22 Dec Reply. Will Kemp 22 Dec Reply. If you understand how your perceptions work first you can then add refinement from there. Judy 27 Dec Reply. Dear Will, Thanks very much for your article. Any guidance would be gratefully received! Will Kemp 30 Dec Reply. Hi Judy, Thanks for sharing your experiences of your drawing journey, and its relationship to your painting.

Thanks again Judy. Judy 13 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 13 Jan Reply. Judy 16 Jan Thanks very much Will. Tyler H 3 Jan Reply. I have always written the same way since a very young age, if you have any tips to help me draw or write better that would be a big help… Thanks for the article anyway! Will Kemp 7 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 9 Jan Reply. Thanks again Hari. Will Kemp 10 Jan Reply. Matthew 12 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 12 Jan Reply. Alice Wagner 16 Jan Reply.

Will Kemp 17 Jan Reply. Hope it helps, Cheers, Will. Virginia 20 Jan Reply. Will Kemp 23 Jan Reply. Kamal 9 Feb Reply. Will Kemp 9 Feb Reply. N 2 Mar Reply. Pleased you found it helpful Noel, Cheers, Will. Will Kemp 5 Mar Reply. Patrick Guindon 18 Mar Reply. Thank you! Will Kemp 18 Mar Reply. Spencer 3 Apr Reply. Ive referred back to this several times but I can never get it right… still. Will Kemp 4 Apr Reply. Lex 4 Apr Reply. You are one of a kind and deeply inspirational.

Will Kemp 5 Apr Reply. Hi Lex, Lovely to hear from you, and thanks so much for your more than kind comments on the art school site. Lex 7 Apr Reply. Hi Lex, Acrylics will be great for this sort of project. Susan Flood 7 Apr Reply. Mariam 1 May Reply. Will Kemp 1 May Reply. Arcaine 22 May Reply. Will Kemp 24 May Reply. Hi Arcaine, Pleased you found the article of interest, drawing can take time. Arcaine 6 Jun Reply. Hm, I see. Thanks for your reply. Will Kemp 7 Jun Reply.

Arcaine 8 Jun Blake 10 Jun Reply. Dude your a genius. This puts so much into perspectiveand is truely motivating! Thanks a ton. Dan Paleto 9 Jul Reply. Will Kemp 12 Jul Reply. William Wollam 19 Jul Reply.

Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book
Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book
Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book
Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book
Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book Kids Self Learning Drawing Art Book

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