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Through a series of bald contrivances the most glaring involves a telltale wedding ring , Martin finally catches up with his beloved. Ruben shoots the when-will-he-pop-out-of-the-shadows stuff like an ace. As an actress, Roberts has more than a great smile. Sleeping With the Enemy.

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Who cannot relate? How do you move on? How do you love your enemy? Below are a few pointers:. Remember to give yourself a little credit.

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You have done the best you could, given your understanding of your situation. Ask yourself this question: If you gave up trying to change your "enemy," what would this free up in you? For the parents, they realized it would free up their fear that they would lose their son and grandson. Ask yourself: What would free you up to love yourself more sincerely, through what has happened? In this case, mama had been a "do-gooder" much of her life and spent too much energy working too hard to do so. Dad felt guilty for working such long hours and guilty that he'd not spent enough time with his boy growing up.

Each had to develop patience with themselves to make new decisions about who they needed to be in order to be loved. Do what you must to forgive yourself for whatever role you may have played, for whatever story you've been telling yourselves that is simply a fairy tale. In their case, the elder couple had hoped that their son's marriage would produce a "happy-ever after" scenario, if they just fed the young couple funds and unconditional support.

It was time to tell themselves the truth and forgive themselves for being human. The truth was that they'd raised their kids with the "love your enemy" dictate but had forgotten to emphasize the imperative of boundaries and self-care when dealing with those they did not know well. The truth was that they were very disappointed at their son's selection but did not know what to do.

The Limits Of Loving Your Enemy

Instead, they overcompensated by doing too much. What story have you been telling yourself that is untrue? Accept that you need not be for everyone. No way is everyone going to love you. No way is everyone going to appreciate you or your good works. The question is: How can you accept yourself as you are more, give up trying so hard to be liked when you catch yourself doing this , and how can you appreciate yourself more by setting stronger boundaries with those who need them?

Readjust your focus.

How, then, can we go about loving our enemies?

In their case, the parents realized they could put their focus on their son and grandson and stop trying to appease their daughter-in-law through endless giving. They communicated the error of their ways to the young couple, told them that things were changing and they hoped they could build a family foundation based on truth.

It is taking time, but there does seem to be improvement, slowly but surely.

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Making amends. This couple began awakening to the fact that this long-time habit of over-doing, seeded from guilt and insecurity, needed to be uprooted. Reframing their situation, they recognized that they had drawn in a character from central casting, named Hannah, to get their attention. The first "enemy" they needed to begin loving was the one within their own thinking. Since then, they have what I have learned to call "tendered their resignation" from the futile attempt to buy love. They are breathing much easier these days. How about you? Your turn. What does "enemy" mean to you?

I loved both characters and really enjoyed the story. Aug 27, CeCe rated it it was ok Shelves: amazon-ku , virgin , forgettable-reads , read I started liking this one and then it just fell flat for me. I barely finished it. May 06, Rgreader rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish-so-gettingstar , taming-of-the-shrew , virgin-heroine-contemporaries , beta-hero , annoying-heroine , enemies-to-lovers.

Hero not the usual over the top possessive alpha hero that Silver writes, the heroine was annoying and the storytelling was underwhelming so I dnf'd. Aug 14, Lori rated it really liked it. Sep 16, Expresso rated it it was amazing. I am NOT a fan of insta-love stories in general with the exception of two phenomenal writers! Jordan Silver is one of the two!

As usual Jordan delivers a quick and more often times than not, dirty Indra-love story that will knock you on your hind parts! The drama, the feels, the sex The sex scenes are so detailed and intricate you can actually feel the love between the couple! The couples usually don't identify that feeling with love yet. However the reader can certainly ide 5 stars! However the reader can certainly identify! If you're looking for a quick and meaningful read, this story is for you! My genre of choice is dark but every now and again I come up for air and dive into awesomeness such as this story!

Aug 21, Sangria rated it really liked it Shelves: v-card , erotica.

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Well, that was unexpected. Easy read. I love this book, I wishe to read a book about Simone. Dec 31, Bella rated it it was ok. But to be honest, I don't expect much more out of her stories than steamy smut and kinky sex scenes, and on that front it definitely delivered. It just took a while to get there and since I never take the actual storyline serious, it meant this one dragged for me and just ended up feeling a little..

Aug 13, Carrie rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Great book. Was very excited to see a new release from Jordan silver!!! No cheating and a happily ever after! Sep 09, Nessa rated it it was ok.

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OUR HERO has bought over the heroine's father's company or something and her father had committed suicide so she's now a broke heiress in a way. For some reason, Emily plagues him like a plague and he can't help but wonder if she's okay, eating okay or surviving okay. When he finds out that she's selling her clothes to survive, he gives her a job as his PA or basically eye candy on his arms. Of course, he becomes all alpha male and possessive and shit..

I still didn't feel a solid romance going on. She blames it all on the hero, until she finds out the truth of her father's crimes. After that, it is just pretty much about falling into the hero's arms. He didn't even feel like the enemy as the title suggests. I wished this could have warranted something Aug 20, Booklass Garrahan rated it really liked it.

Much Better I had kind of given up on Silver. I even wondered who was actually writing her books anymore. This romance has more of the charm that Brett's Little Headaches has. The hero is the reluctantly smitten guy who is simultaneously running towards the heroine and trying to get away. His inner dialogue as he fights against the inevitable is amusing, as is the dialogue between the heroine and himself. It was nice that the heroine was not just a prop and had opinions and a life of her own.

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I l Much Better I had kind of given up on Silver. I liked both main characters. I would have liked to see more between the her and heroine as he woos her Aug 23, Jennifer J. Reid rated it it was amazing. One of the better Jordan Silver books I really enjoy Jordan Silver books where the heroine isn't coerced into the relationship and the hero isn't overpowering.

Emily finds herself in a tight spot after her father dies and the money he had has dried up. Jason doesn't have to rescue her, Emily rescues herself. To see how Emily grows and Jason's learns to appreciate her, read this novel. Oct 01, Rita rated it it was amazing. Aug 14, LaKisha Davis rated it it was amazing.

I loved it! I gave it 5 stars cause it's a great book. I loved how she brought the characters to life. She never disappoint. I'm always able to laugh and cry sometimes throughout the story.

In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy
In Love with the Enemy In Love with the Enemy

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