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Flow can help prevent bad rebases. Flow can help protect your carefully designed library from misuse and misinterpretation. And Flow can help you understand the code you wrote six months ago. Using data flow analysis, Flow infers types and tracks data as it moves through your code. You don't need to fully annotate your code before Flow can start to find bugs.

Flow is designed to understand idiomatic JavaScript. It understands common JavaScript patterns and many of the weird things we JavaScript developers love to do.

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Flow gives you fast feedback while you code by incrementally rechecking your code as you make changes. Flow integrates well with many tools, making it easy to insert into your existing workflow and toolchain.

Flow logo Flow. Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript.

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Code Faster. Code Smarter.

The Flow framework

Code Confidently. Coordinate with teammates and bring harmony to your business processes.

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Stop spending your time and effort coding complex integrations. Easily set up a trigger and drop actions onto the builder to integrate your applications seamlessly. It gets even simpler with our collection of pre-built flows. Pick the ones you like and get started right away.

The Flow Framework™

Tie your apps together, set yourself free. Sign up for free Watch the video. Learn More.

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From daily work chores to detailed workflows, automate all your business tasks with Zoho Flow. Connect your key applications Connect your apps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between them. Automate extensively with multi-step flows Design flows to accomplish a whole series of routine tasks that would otherwise eat into your productive work time. Orchestrate an efficient business Work as a team on building workflows that connect information across departments.

Flow makes air quality data personal

Make it all happen on a dynamic builder Stop spending your time and effort coding complex integrations.

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