Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School

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Ask the pharmacist. Seriously, never google. And I am so sorry about the mastitis. If you are still having trouble, I really suggest contacting a lactation consultant who might have some better tips! Hang in there, sistah! You are doing a great job!!! I also found your blog via a pinterest post. I am 7 months pregnant now and will be starting an optometry residency July 1st Baby due August 3rd.

This is my first pregnancy. Am I crazy to think this will work? I have lots of friends who worked and slipped away to pump. But I am not an expert!! Check with your boss, but it should be fine. Then you need to scope out your workplace to find a pumping space. I have a friend who pumped in a closet at her job! Oh the things we do! But I think you will find it as a nice little break in your day.

You will figure it out!! I am proud of you!!

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I exclusively pumped with my last baby. But pumping—man, I was a cow!! I had to stop when my baby was 7 months old because my freezer was full of milk!! But I just pumped every two hours during the day and not at all at night. My morning session was easily 30 minutes and I got ounces during that session. But my baby slept through the night 8 hours when she was 4 days old, and I was going to take advantage of that sleep!! You are like some sort of a super human! Seriously, you need to tell us what you eat, what you do, what are your secrets?!!

Thank you for this post! I had supply issues with my first, but we fought through it and I nursed him for 17 months but itwas tough. I did not have an electric pump, just a small cheap manual one that I could afford at the time. I want to avoid the supply issues I had the last time. I plan to nurse and pump because I need to stock up since I will be going back to work in September. So, how soon after birth should I start pumping? Am I supposed to take my pump with me to the hospital? I, too, exclusively pumped for both of my boys due to latching issues. For my oldest son, I was only able to pump for 4 months and then had to supplement until 6 months old and then my supply was gone.

I was very determined to make it the whole year, which i did. However, this was not an option for us believe me, I tried. So for any new mommies out there that are struggling with the skin to skin bonding, remember you are doing the very best that you can and you are working VERY hard to get your baby the best food you can:.

I loved your blog, and just wanted to leave a little encouragement for other people going through this. My baby girl will be 4 months old on Tuesday and I have been exclusively pumping for her since the start. At about 2 months she learned to latch but refused to actually eat a full meal. I wanted to quit for the first 2 months that I pumped. I was miserable and exhausted pumping every three hours. And my nipples hurt SO bad! Medelas nipple cream is a life saver! I work full time, so that will be a challenge, but I just want the best for her.

My point is, if you try to do this.. I do not like the taste of it so i mix it with some real tea and honey and it was pretty good once i did that, Also taking postnatal vitamins helped a lot.. Great Blog and very informative. Just curious, how long ago did you write it? Jamie, it was around November that they sent me the new pump in exchange for the defective one. It worked! And it was free!

When you returned your pump in Nov. The pump was purchased in April of You should call them anyway. They were very kind. Just let them know how much you love their product and are disappointed that your old one is having a hard time! Let me know how it goes. I often feel like an alien. I always feel the need to explain the whole long story of his birth and how I came to this decision. Just thank you! I needed this today. Jonnelle, you just made my day. You are always welcome to email me!

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You are simply doing what you feel is best for your family. No one can argue with that! You are amazing! I greatly appreciated your blog. I was determined to breastfeed and was told at a nursing class that everyone can breastfeed if they try hard enough. Well that nearly ended up really harming my baby when after a few days home she completely stopped going to the bathroom. Well, it turned out that pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause problems with not enough milk.

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We were forced to supplement and I felt like a total failure because of the terrible advice that every woman can do it if willing. Anyway, in order to make sure my baby was getting enough, I switched over to pumping most of the time. It turned out I got ounces of milk per day. I took every possible herb, medicine, and diet to up that amount, but nothing worked.

I went back to work as a full time teacher and continued to pump. I did this for 10 months. I wish more women had your outlook on breast feeding. Oh yeah, and I also found out after the entire 10 months that I was allergic to lanolin, which was what I had been putting on myself. Lanolin is a wool by-product, so if you are allergic to wool, you should NEVER use lanolin or any cream with lanolin as an ingredient! The real stuff d-alpha not dl-alpha—the l means leave it at the store. You just poke a hole in the capsule with a sterilized needle and apply directly to your nipples.

Speeds healing time an incredible amount. Thanks you so much! My doctor and I have discussed breastfeeding and he encouraged me to think about trying with this baby. I had a horrible time trying to nurse my daughter. I would nurse, or pump, for 45 minutes once every 2 hours and only got 1 ounce, if that. I cried my eyes out for an hour straight thinking I failed my daughter. Thank you for taking the time to write this out! Do you have any tips on knowing if you have the right size pump for you breasts, I have had a hard time getting mine to fit correctly.

I bought a smaller size and it seems to tight on my nipples. Also, my baby is 8 months and my supply has significantly decreased but im not ready to stop, tips? Thank you! Hey Tiffany! You may just need to buy a few different sizes and kind of do trial and error. I hope that helps!!! Also, check out several of the other comments here — many women try the tea and herbs to help their supply.

This might help. The more you pump, the more it will tell your body to produce milk. Good luck, girl! So proud of you!!!! I too ended up being an exclusive pumper. The next day, nurses discovered she was pooping vaginally because she had an imperforate anus. I started pumping while she was in the hospital. Then I worked with lactation consultants to try and get the whole nursing thing down. Stress — and what is more stressful than your child needing surgery at 36 hours of age?!

So that was great for the whole sleeping business, which is important in milk production. Throw in reoccurring bouts of thrush, where she and I kept passing it to each other and it took up residence in my milk ducts, and you have a nursing nightmare. It was so wonderful, I never went back to nursing. I could get enough milk for two feedings for my daughter in a third of the time it took to nurse her once.

I tended to pump every 4 hours or so at first and eventually stretched it to about every hours, depending on my work schedule. A good pump would net about ounces. We did supplement with formula after I stopped pumping, but she was still getting the benefits of breast milk. If someone is looking to seriously pump, I definitely recommend investing in a good pump and purchasing a pumping bra, which will free up your hands.

With my first son he was in the NICU as well right after birth.. The nurses did the same thing to me.. After my son was released my insurance issued me a Medela, and i pumped it like a queen, until i got extremely ill and lost my milk. So I broke out the old Medela and pumped away again. He is now at nine weeks and I pump every hours. With this is lets me have the freedom of having a longer date night or letting him have grandparent sleep overs so Mommy and Daddy can have time and i would not have to worry.

Pumping is hard! I did not know how I was going to survive the first weeks with both my kids. I actually got a ticket once pumping while driving down the road for speeding my first week back to work … Clearly the most heartless cop EVER!! Thank you SO much for your advice and insight! I wanted to especially thank you for your final comments about God.

I wanted so badly to have the closeness of nursing my children, but realize it just may not be in the cards. My son Ben was diagnosed at a year old with hypotonia as well as infantile spasms and now lennox gastaut syndrome. I would have never linked the hypotonia to his inability to latch and breast feed. I felt like it was my fault. I went out and bought a double medela electric pump which is amazing compared to my single pump i had for the first week and I exclusively pumped for a month. Then my supply started to dwindle.

I was taking 12 fenugreek supplements a day and had to supplement with formula. Then after 2 months, my supply stopped completely. I was only getting. I am a single mom so i bet you can imagine how insane i was going taking care of a baby all alone, pumping, preparing formula, and keeping up with my well being and my sons needs. If I would have had your article 2 years ago I could have stuck to exclusively pumping. I will be keeping this so I can refer to it if I ever decide to have a second child.

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Oh wow! As I read your post, I felt nostalgic! I stopped exclusively pumping last yr, after 12months of surviving with my medela freestyle pump. I used to call it my life-supporting machine! I had terrible infections due to engorgements countless times, and I do not know what gave me tge strength and persistency to continue till my girl turned 1! Its definitely one of the hardest thing I ever tried in life! Great article. I also pumped exclusively for 14 months for my daughter. She was born prematurely and by the time she had the strength and endurance to try nursing, it was time for me to go back to work.

Knowing it was better for her, I was determined to provider her with breastmilk for at least a year. I used a lot of the tricks you mentioned and was able to pump for 14 months. One thing I would do when my supply seemed to dip would be to add back in the middle of the night pumping session I dropped when she started sleeping through the night. Thank you so much for the info. I would really like to get back to more breast milk. I have learned to pump and drive which has been a lifesaver.

Thanks for the tips! My twins were born at 34 weeks and struggled with reflux until they were at least 6 months old. They were in the NICU for almost a month and would actually stop breathing when they were eating so we had to add rice cereal to their milk to help it stay down in their stomachs. I pumped for just over 13 months and I feel very fortunate that I was able to keep my supply up for that long with only pumping.

When I had my singleton two years later I was really worried about the possibility of having to pump for that long again, and if I could do it all over again. I still chose to pump two times a day extra in case something happened to me or my milk supply and over the last 15 months I have donated almost 70 gallons of milk to a milk bank. Thanks for being a voice for the women who are choosing this often more difficult path!

I just wanted to say thank you for this article. I pump exclusively for my baby boy, because of the shape of his palette he was unable to latch. People look at me like I am crazy to pump and then put it in a bottle for him. I appreciate all of the tips and will be putting them to use. Thank you once again. Hi there! Love this article!! I do have an additional question. I have a few breast feeding friends who have decided to eat dairy free while breast feeding.

Do you know what the benefits of this are because I am contemplating doing the same but of course after I research it and talk with my doctor. Hey Dorenda! Thanks for stopping by! I ate dairy free for about 8 months of my pumping adventure. I also dropped gluten as well. I did not notice a supply change at all when I changed my eating. I simply started drinking almond milk instead of regular milk.

I really missed cheese. Wholefoods carries an amazing Coconut Milk yogurt that helped me not miss that favorite food of mine too much. It is totally doable and in fact many people are doing it these days. From what I have read, what you eat does not change the composition of your breast milk.

Cool, huh?? I hope this answers your question!!! That is awesome you pumped for your son! I have a 1 month old son and have just got the lovely expirence of mastitis and am struggling with my milk production.. By itself or with something? Have you tried fenugreek or any other supplements? Any other suggestions? So did you ever have to hold your cups that go on your boobs at certain angles or certain pressure to get your milk to even come out.

Kristen, it is very normal to have a loss of milk supply when you are pregnant. Fluctuating hormones are to blame!!! I would try to find a lactation consultant at your local hospital because I know it is very possible to feed your toddler and a new baby — you just need the right support and probably a better pump.

My advice, though, would be to relax and try to let your body take care of the little peanut growing inside instead of trying to do too much. Kristen, this article might be helpful to you! This was such a great post to read. My daughter was born with complex heart defects and required many hospitalizations and a feeding pump as well. I exclusively pumped for her for the first year.

Instinctively, I think, I did all of these things to make my pumping successful. These tips really work! I just found out my next daughter will have heart problems and need immediate surgery as well. This was such a great reminder of what to do and prepare for. I pinned this to read later too! I am proud of your choice to persevere in the face of such difficulty… your perspective is so encouraging to me. So, when you stopped pumping, how many ounces were you getting at each pump session? My daughter will be 1 in 2 weeks and I have been exclusively pumping since she was a few days old.

So, any pointers?! Amanda, you get 24 oz in ONE session?!?!?!?!? And you are feeding your baby and YOUR nephew?! Girl, you deserve a medal! Yeah, my mom is a lactation consultant and had told me how freakish it was. We are apparently major milk producers in my family, but I am the first to pump exclusively and realize the full potential of the production. I feel like cutting out a pumping would just be pushing my luck. Did you use cabbage or any other tricks to dry up your supply when you quit?

What if rather than dropping the pump all together you cut the time that you pumped in half? I had severe hemorrhoids that required me to be put under 2 days after birth for a procedure and then have removal surgery when DS was 3 weeks old. He had a hefty case of jaundice, so we were in the hospital 5 days. On day 2 the nurses said it was time to supplement and I looked at them like they were idiots.

We chose that hospital because of their excellent lactation department and the first recommendation was to give formula? They brought me a pump and I pumped exclusively for 5 weeks. It took another 3 weeks to develop his latch and get my supply in sync. I pumped as needed ever since. My only suggestion related to your advice is an upgrade in the hands-free bra. The Medela bras are sized, but they have no adjustments. The Simple Wishes bra is superior in every way.

It holds the horns in place. There is a removable front panel and the back is completely adjustable. Medela makes great products, but for hands-free pumping go with Simple Wishes. It seems that my breastmilk has gone down recently so I really appreciate all of these tips you have. Do you have any tips? But my hunch is that she is going through a phase and will be back at it soon enough!

These kids keep us on our toes!! Always up to something new! I exclusivly pumped for all 4 of mine. I got a lot of negativet comments about it also. People couldnt understand why I just didnt breast feed. Pumping is just what worked for me and my babies. It was a great expierence and if I had a fifth baby I would do it again.

I was very lucky, I produced so much milk that I could of feed a small country. Your advise was great and right on. I am so glad I found this article! Since weaning my son, who breast fed for 13 months, I have started working full-time and am the breadwinner for our family. I will not have the opportunity to stay home with 2 whenever we decide to have another, so this article is gold, thank you! For the 5 weeks I actually had a job with 1 he was 3 months , I pumped every 3 hours while at work and I used bags to store rather than bottles.

Not as environmentally friendly, but SO convenient… anyway, store expressed milk in bags, then place them in the freezer flat rather than upright. When you need a bag or two, place them in a dish of warm water and they will seriously be thawed in minutes! Not instantaneous as room-temp, but certainly faster than a frozen bottle. My baby girl is 18 days old, she was born 2 weeks early but came in at a healthy 7 lbs 12 oz. And 2 ounces first thing in the morning. Any suggestions on what I can do to increase my supply?

Kristin — Wow, you are working hard!!! This is going to be so helpful! My husband is in the military and rarely home. I have somehow made it almost seven months only pumping 5 times a day. Any tips on setting a schedule? And how many times a day were absolutely neccesary for you? Also, my son was born prematurely and also has hypotonia. So I completely understand the struggle. With physical therapy and 2 surgeries I would really love to give my little miracle the best!

Violet, here was my schedule — My first pump was around 7 am. Next at 10, then 1, then 4, then 6 then 9. I went to bed after the 9 pm pump and got up at 3 am to pump. Then repeat. After about 9 months I started to slack a bit and stretched the pumps to longer so that I was pumping first thing in the morning at 7, then around 12, then 3 then I stretched until 8 or 9 pm, then got up at 3 am. I still had a great supply even though I dropped a few pumps. I think that part of my success was that I kept that middle of the night pump until almost the very end.

That was really helpful! But, as always, you just have to do what is best for your family. If you are tired and your family is suffering, get to a comfortable pumping schedule and then supplement the rest with formula. It will be okay. I could not have done it without my husband! You are like a superhuman! Do what is best for you and your kiddos. I will say a prayer for you.

You are an amazing mommy. Thank you so much for the advice and prayers! Any recommendations and will my milk continue to increase or is this going to be it? How far PP were you producing the most? Thanks so much! Hi Kimberly. I just felt the need to chime in here. Is that right? Keep up the good work! Thanks, that was alot of good info. I am too mainly pumping to feed my 4 month old for similar reasons.

To add to that he started as a very lazy slow eater and it took a toll on my 2 year old since I was always on the couch nursing not able to devote time to him. I decided to pump and feed through the day and nurse at night. It has worked well and I already have about a 4 month supply in the freezer for when I decide to stop pumping. I did have a question that you may be able to help me with.

Is there any reasoning or advice you have to help increase production in BOTH breasts. One side I have a great supply, approx 6 oz in a min session, but the other side I will be lucky to get oz. I have even started to take fenugreek. Any ideas? Hey Wyn! I definitely can relate — my left boob was much nicer than the right one. Does that make sense?? Give it a try for a few days and see what happens!

I was lopsided when I was mainly pumping. As LO got better on the breast it got faster and more efficient to nurse than to pump. Increased nursing also evened out my production. What could i do with clogged milk ducts??? I tried sunlight rubbing it out n heatin pad but its still there n sometimes it hurts. Hey girl — ouch!

I am so sorry! Massage massage massage, heat pads, and massage, and REST, and lots and lots and lots of nursing or pumping the infected breast. That is the most important thing!! DO NOT decrease or stop nursing if you have a clogged duct!!! Good luck!!! So…I exclusively pump wish I could breastfeed identical twin boys. I delivered at 31 weeks due to a ruptured placenta and was unable to breastfeed and still unable to because they got hooked on the bottle first.

For a few days in the beginning, I was producing oz per session…then I got engorged. I was in a lot of pain and this is my first pregnancy, so I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing! It has dwindled down to about 3oz every session. They are 8 weeks old tomorrow and have been home with us from the NICU for not even 2 weeks yet. Is there even a possibility for my supply to go up? Or am I doomed? Girl, you are doing a great job!

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ANY breast milk is awesome!! And it sounds like you have been through a LOT. Take it easy on yourself. I exclussively pumped for two boys for six months each! Best decision for my family. Glad to,see theremare others that strictly pump. People thought I was nuts, even the pediatrician. I am not exclusively pumping but I am having to pump to try to build up a supply for when I return to work full time in a couple of weeks. Wow, amazing. Fourteen months?!

Your article really makes it feel like longer is possible. I am so worn out right now due to raising my son on my own while my husband is away in the Navy. He comes back next month and I think having someone to help will make pumping easier. My goal for breast feeding was six months, so I am trying to make it to six months pumping. I really just want to do what is best for my own Happy Baby. I really want to keep it up. I really hope they do. This took up less of people's time and made it more manageable.

Someone takes a lead on that which was how their projects tended to be organised and it worked for them. The majority of projects in which they were involved were about fundraising, but others provided help and assistance in the community. But the idea snowballed and through the generosity of the town and businesses they ended up providing a brand new BMW 4 wheel drive, fully kitted out inside, state-of-the-art vehicle within 18 months and this had provided a huge amount of publicity and credibility.

That, she said, was their 'big one.

Private Camelot

They had taken part in a number of projects around dementia and had become a 'dementia friendly club. She also spoke of a 'bench walk' round town for people who had had operations - non-funding raising, but support to the community. Unfortunately, Yorkshire Tea stopped supporting this and now gave a monthly donation. Barcodes was something that as a club they wanted to support and they managed to provide up to 40 wheelchairs. They were also looking at match funding. Painted rocks and purple crocuses had raised awareness of the ned for vaccinating and had been successful in getting the message out.

She went on to explain how Newport Lite had attracted members. Initially, this was through word of mouth from people starting up the club. It was all very light and informal and giving back to the community was how Rotary had been sold to her, said Jane. It was word of mouth to friends, relatives and acquaintances. The club had also been successful in attracting small groups of people of a similar age - they had 10 in their 30's.

The club had a lot of presence at different events and talking to people. The next phase was using the press - they had a very good mouthpiece in Jeremy Crabb - Facebook and tweeting and getting the message out.

Facebooking was used to spread the word as to where they were on estates with the sleigh. This had been a useful way of getting messages out, helping raise funds and attracting support. It was all about awareness and they had successfully used WhatsApp. They started attending events in the town which required volunteers - the old fashioned marketing approaching of selling the message and when doing an event wearing purple teeshirts. She also said it was about finding a model which worked for each community.

The overwhelming message was that people didn't want to get involved in a lot of bureaucracy and Newport Lite kept that to a minimum. It was a co-operative style of working which she accepted could go wrong, but at the moment it was fine. Whilst it was informal, they still had risk assessments. If someone had a good idea they tried to support it. People had recognised Rotary could be good for their business and would join for that reason. They had a wide range of people who wanted to join for different reasons.

She recommended being very open to trying things and making sure there were no barriers and that the club didn't smack of elitism. Be open to try things, not everything would work and it didn't matter. Getting people interested was all that mattered. Aboard the good ship Sabrina, which perhaps should be more accurately described as a boat, members and guests of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club lost all sense of time As the vessel went upstream towards the showground from its moorings at the Frankwell Quay, Rotarians and guests noted that the Market Hall clock showed a particular time of the day.

Again, more accurately, time of evening. When Sabrina turned round to head towards Coleham Pumping Station, the Market Hall clock bore no resemblance to how it was previously showing the time, even given the fact that the boat had meantime covered a few nautical miles. Mesmerised, but nevertheless fascinated, Rotarians and guests understandably lost all sense of time and thoroughly enjoyed the three hour leisurely cruise on the upper deck of Sabrina on the picturesque River Severn, including the scenery in both directions.

I think everybody enjoyed the fellowship. Where were the Rotarians when this photo was taken? Rumour has it they were hiding! Shrewsbury Severn Rotarians spent an evening hosted by current President and his wife Sue in the garden of their home. Forty six Rotarians and their partners were subjected to a barbeque in the early evening after a day of rain showers and grey skies. Fortunately the evening stayed dry! A range of salads, sweets and cheese rounded off the evening which was an opportunity for the club to relax and enjoy some companionship before warming up for an Autumn of busy fund raising and community service.

Many historical characteristics - including a rare Charles Darwin feature - were witnessed by a group of 15 or so intrepid Rotarians who met on a club night for a walk with a difference. The family home, on The Mount, could be seen above. The spot was commemorated and a hotel was built on the site, now sadly demolished and redeveloped. Many Rotarians will remember the Oak Hotel. Walking along the riverbank, the location of the old Army training grounds was pointed out and evidence was seen of water drainage works on the site.

Rotarians were happy to see activity on the river with rowing crews and canoeists, like themselves as walkers, enjoying the evening's sunshine. The walk continued alongside the river and Bob pointed out where water was previously extracted for the town. He explained how it was pumped via the pumping station at Coleham to the whole town. An informal evening meal, at the Olive Tree, Frankwell, comprised a range of tapas which was enjoyed by all.

Only disappointment to some of the group, who carried on to the end of the walk, was that the venue had run dry of all draught beer! In an unprecedented job talk spread over two consecutive weeks, recently installed Rotarian Chris Medd not only highlighted events in his career, but gave an unparalled insight into the life of Robert Maxwell for whom he worked for two years.

Robert Maxwell, the flamboyant head of one of the world's biggest media empires, was discovered dead in the sea on November 5 after disappearing from his yacht off the Canary Islands. He was The second instalment began with Chris, who was inducted as a member of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club earlier this year, telling members about his close connection with the notorious Maxwell and how their relationship developed during a number of business acquisitions.

I was there as deputy managing director at the time and half way through the board meeting Maxwell said 'I am resigning as chairman and Mr Ward-Thomas will take my place. I wondered what would happen next, then Maxwell said 'Mr. T has resigned and Mr. M me is now managing director. Are there any questions? Chris relayed a number of anecdotes to illustrate the way that Maxwell conducted business, which was usually unorthodox. At the time Maxwell had an excellent personal assistant who was seconded from the Civil Service.

And this time he found the cheque for the advertising agency that Maxwell HAD indeed signed. The PA passed the cheque over to me and the agency received its money. Chris told a story relating to the chief executive of Littlewoods and Everton FC who told Maxwell there was a damaging strike at the Post Office in which was harming his mail order and football pools business. I used to give him a bit of lip and got away with it but you had to pick the right moment.

I knew there would be a day when he would turn on me, so I took my opportunity to leave with a settlement when Viacom were given a managing brief as part of a deal that gave Maxwell access to MTV. After leaving Maxwell, now working as a consultant, Chris obtained the cable licence for on behalf of Windsor Cable. This still remains the largest cable TV licence issued in the UK. This was followed by work in Ireland on behalf of Irish Independent Newspapers where he obtained more than half of the 32 microwave TV licences issued by the Irish government to cover Eire.

In the first part of his job talk Chris said he left university in and joined Rediffusion, a television rental and broadcast relay company that began in the s as a radio relay company. At that time, less than half the houses in the country had electricity. Lighting was supplied by gas and there wasn't much demand for electricity.

Radios were run off batteries that were replaced weekly by a local dealer who took them away and recharged them. This pattern of operating was the start of the rental industry in many ways. People who rented this radio service went on to rent televisions in the future. He thought it would be a nice idea if he connected his neighbours to his radio and so he cabled up loud speakers linked to his radio to seven other homes. This hand written licence set a precedent that lasted right up until , whereby relay companies paid the Post Office a licence fee of one shilling per year for every customer connected to their systems.

A relay radio amplifier was capable of feeding the service to 1, homes. These amplifiers were valve-driven with the main valve been as tall as four foot. The service was at its height during the war years as people could listen to the radio even during power cuts. After the war a television service was added to the radio service using multi-pair cables.

The original systems had six pairs of cables carrying one television channel per pair ie capacity for six TV channels. This was very forward thinking as it took the broadcasters 50 years to reach five TV channels. Having started his career in Merseyside, Chris was transferred by Rediffusion to.

Although slot meter TV rental was significantly more expensive, many families preferred it because it generated a cash rebate at the end of each month. Typically, the cash went to the housewife who could pocket the money without the husband knowing! This led to a 'surprise' visit to the town that revealed the van being hired to fishermen, the office telephone being hired out at favourable rates for international calls and the works ladders being rented to the local window cleaners!

In he was seconded to a new division that concentrated on modern multi-channel cable television. In , he was responsible for launching the distribution of the first cable channels in the UK, including the original Sky Channel. Chris finished by recalling how Mr Maxwell paid no heed to convention. But he was completely oblivious. Chris in pensive mood as he reflects on his time with Robert Maxwell. The plight of a family with a five year old child suffering from cystic fibrosis, who are in urgent need of a respite break, has touched the hearts of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club members.

They will also be advised by Rotary that Hope House offers respite care. Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club has been outlining its initial plans for the new Rotary year and these include several community and fundraising activities. Currently the residents of the home have no official transport and have to reply on ad hoc arrangements for visits to hospital. Crocus bulbs have been purchased ready for planting around the Abbey this autumn. The seniors Christmas party is likely to be held on Sunday December 2. The club is currently awaiting confirmation of the date from the United Reformed Church, Abbey Foregate,.

Discussion with Rotary Woodland Trust about tree planting is still progressing. The world record attempt for numbers dancing the Charleston will take place in Shrewsbury Quarry on Saturday, September 22 between 10am and 2pm with a request to the club to provide stewards. The club is organising a boat trip on the Sabrina on the River Severn on September 11 with a buffet supper and bar. Partners and guests - numbers permitting - welcome. This is being scheduled as an international evening with the other two Shrewsbury Rotary clubs being invited to attend.

The bishop is very much involved in combating human trafficking which it is understood will form the basis of his address. He was speaking to members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, only his third club visit in just nine days after taking office. He said the number one Rotary priority - throughout the world - was to eradicate polio forever, a promise which was made in And last year there were only 22 cases of the disease reported in the world.

He told members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club that Foundation was the cornerstone of the organisation and every penny given to Foundation is accountable and traceable. We don't want to lose traditional clubs, but we need to make things different to attract people into other clubs alongside us. He said that projects, including Christmas lunches for people in need, were not just writing a cheque and handing it over "Young people don't want that, they are not interested at all.

It is projects over committees, projects work and projects will attract young people. If people can see what you are doing they will want to be part of it, 'we did this, proud of it and hang a badge on it. On marketing and PR, he said the best way was doing projects in the local communities. Major things we as an organisation ought to be looking at requires everybody to do their little bit to get things moving.

We need a team effort from everybody - I believe projects get members.

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  4. It was a lovely event. Rotarian was also thanked for helping them to prepare and take on the difficult job of joining the judging panel and ensuring they were in a position to award a lovely trophy, vouchers and the reader pen at the event itself. Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club had received recognition for their contribution to the End Polio Now Campaign where its support had enabled the immunisation of 45, children.

    I am going to do my best to follow your example and concentrate on enjoying our time in Rotary, as I firmly believe that everything we do for the community originates from the friendship and common interest that we share. Let's have a good year. All money raised will go to the Severn Hospice and Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club has also been approached to provide not only sponsorship, but stewards with 35 required.

    Colin Sharp left hands over the chain of office to Julian Wells. She told members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club why she chose to support people who are trying to overcome problems with addiction. It is a condition which kills. The vast majority have already faced disadvantage or trauma in their lives. And once they develop an addiction they face discrimination and stigma all over again. This time it is often those very services which should be offering support and solutions that turn their backs on service users in their moment of greatest need.

    The attitude of hospital staff which leads to those with serious medical complications being discharged without proper treatment. The unwillingness of some GPs to engage with, or even take on, patients with substance misuse problems. That these conditions must be looked at as a whole. However, there is an unwillingness of mental health services to assess and treat individuals until they have stopped using substances for six months. Through my charity, I want to make a difference to an often overlooked, stigmatised, vulnerable group, a group that may include our friends, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, mothers or fathers.

    What they did have in common was a strength, a determination and an optimism throughout their journey that was infectious and inspiring. But every day they face a silent battle — a battle no-one else can begin to understand. She spoke of her Mayoral charity, Shropshire Recovery Partnership — which will carry on — and the support it gave people who are recovering from substance abuse. She said that during her Mayoral year she had been impressed that so many people wanted to share their time, skills and resources with those who needed help that this inspired her to set up Share Shrewsbury.

    Everyone can be part of this because we all have something we can share. I am hoping to set up a base in Shrewsbury town centre where people can meet to share their time, skills and experiences with others who need help. I am also hoping to set up a support group there for the family and friends of those suffering from addiction in all its forms. In order to move forward, I am urgently looking for an administrator and someone with book- keeping experience to come on board and work with me to get the charity going.

    Jane spoke of her two big fundraising events which she held earlier this year, in support of local people with addiction problems. I was thrilled when he accepted. He is well known and loved in Shrewsbury and is an amazing talent who is bringing out his first album this summer. I have had the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and organisations who give their resources and skills to benefit others.

    It is a real privilege to be able to recognise their efforts. Development of a clear overarching strategy for Shrewsbury should be a priority for the future of the town. Former Mayor Jane Mackenzie told Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club that everyone needed to understand what the town council was working towards in terms of housing, transport, employment, leisure, tourism, health and well-being. With Shropshire Council funding being slashed, we must also build on our tradition of community service and develop strong partnerships with the voluntary sector. This way we can keep delivering high quality public services and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

    The establishment of the University Centre Shrewsbury is a massive boost and we can already see the local economy responding to this. Integrating the university into the heart of the town will enable its growth to benefit everyone, but it must be managed sensitively. The future prosperity of Shrewsbury depends on economic growth, bringing jobs and starter homes into the area which should be part of our strategy.

    I am really concerned and worried about what is happening in the heart of our town. Rents and rates are increasing and with higher car parking charges, some businesses are talking about leaving the town. We have unique independent shops bringing in visitors, but car parking charges could kill the centre of the town, and this is troubles me.

    Darwin was born and grew up here, he went to school in the building which now houses the library and lived here as a young man. He got on a stage coach at the Lion Hotel in Wyle Cop to begin his famous voyage of discovery on HMS Beagle and five years later, on his return, he rushed straight back to Shrewsbury, the town he loved. Rotarians have been warmly praising one of their colleagues whose 40 years in the removals industry have been recognised with a rare award. William Burden, a member of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, has been presented with a certificate as an honorary life member of the British Association of Removers.

    The award is in recognition of his contribution to the removals industry and the British Association of Removers over many years. William centre is photographed with Tony Tickner, President of the British Association of Removers and Marcus Brigstocke who compered the awards ceremony. A retired court manager has been telling of incidents in his career which made national news. Rotarian Mike Haw told members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club of an event that followed the trial of Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who shot and killed a 16 year old burglar at his isolated farmhouse in the fens.

    The press wanted to know what the court was going to do about it. There was well established case law that once the jury had returned its verdict the court could no longer intervene and the matter would have to be taken to the Court of Appeal if the decision was to be challenged. Together with my then boss, and with input from the Court Service HQ, we put together a statement for the press.

    But they wanted a sound bite to go with it. So I agreed to read the statement on the steps of the court building, which I duly did. And that is my claim to fame. The other event which appeared in the national news related to a case being heard by a High Court judge who, very late in the day, without prior warning, decided to send a jury out to consider its verdict.

    Even with advance warning this was never easy. On this occasion we really struggled to find a hotel that could take them and keep them separate from other guests. It was the middle of summer and one of my staff suggested that we approach the University of East Anglia who had accommodation which would not be being used by students.

    The university agreed to make the accommodation available to us and assured us that the jury would be able to get a meal. When the last overnight bag arrived I took it to the university. When I arrived the jurors nearly lynched me. I arranged to fetch them all fish and chips and after I had done so left them to the less than satisfactory accommodation which by then had cooled down a bit. The next day I went to tell the judge what had happened and he nearly had a fit that I had spoken with the jury, since the oath the jury bailiff took was to keep the jury in a private place and allow no-one to talk to them.

    I pointed out that I had not talked to them, but they to me, and it was impossible for me not to respond. He then decided that I had to go into the witness box to explain my actions which I did. I cannot remember the result of the trial, but I do remember that the next day the Daily Telegraph carried a brief account of the incident as a filler at the bottom of one of their columns.

    Mike, who became a member of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club in , said during his time at the court he met and spoke with the Queen, met Prince Charles and, along with his wife Sandra — to whom next year he will have been married 50 years - attended two royal garden parties, one at Buckingham Palace and the other at Sandringham House.

    One of the circuit judges, with whom he worked closely with, was Sir John Blofeld, brother of cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, and also during his time in Norwich he worked with Andy Hayman, Chief Constable of Norfolk, on the Criminal Justice Board. Andy Hayman subsequently went back to the Metropolitan Police as an Assistant Commissioner and was in charge of the police team that shot and killed Jean Charles de Menezes. The club is considering a number of new initiatives involving the various authorities caring for the less fortunate in society with a particular focus on education and youth activities.

    The club say all good intentions must be supported by fund raising and the club hopes to extend its traditional activities, currently centered over the Christmas period, to other months of the year. On the environment, he acknowledged a nationwide Rotary initiative to plant trees and hoped the club might form an association with the Woodland Trust. This could include planting a tree as a memorial to someone who had passed on - particularly poignant as the club has recently lost two long-standing members. John also discussed potential opportunities for Rotarians to use their skills and experience to support a number of voluntary organisations where mentors are required for one-to-one coaching.

    Phil Godfrey, who is also a Rotarian, spoke to members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club about the incurable life threatening autoimmune disease and his rail tour which began in March from London to Ramsgate and on to Brighton. I was forced into a change of plan from walking to rail travel due to a knee problem. The challenge has changed — with a different mode of transport. However, I intend to speak to as many Rotary clubs, Inner Wheel clubs and churches as possible along the way to spread the word and try to help prevent medical tragedies due to APS. This allowed GPs to learn about APS in significant detail and also gave them personal development qualifications.

    Currently over GPs have completed the course. Phil lost his wife Christine to APS in Chris told the amusing tale on his induction as a Rotarian which he said signaled another chapter in his life. For nearly 20 years he was general manager of Rediffusion London Ltd. He lobbied government in the lead up to the cable and broadcasting act and promoted business sectors into developing services similar to those on the current day internet. He has also been a consultant, regarding his time in Eire as his most effective. He managed to obtain over half the microwave television licenses in the country.

    Chris was successful in obtaining the Birmingham cable TV franchise for another client — still the largest cable TV franchise ever issued in the UK. In his latter years he worked for a company called Cablecom where they purchased the rump end of what was left of the Rediffusion cable TV business.

    Chris shows the Rotary badge he will wear with pride. It was poignant that the order of service of thanksgiving and celebration for the life of Peter Bone should feature the crest of his beloved Middlesbrough Football Club founded in For he was born in the shadow of Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough Football Club, which was a big part of his life right from the start. If the gates were open he would cut across the pitch to get to school and was so proud when he learned that Brian Clough lodged only a few houses away.

    He also had a passion for steam trains which featured on the reverse of the order of service and conducting the funeral service at Emstrey Crematorium, Civil Funeral Celebrant Christine Jolly, said his ashes would be scattered from a train on a heritage railway line. She said he was proud to be a long serving member of Rotary with nearly 30 years service and rarely missed a Tuesday meeting.

    His various responsibilities had included treasurer, fundraising on the Santa sleigh, working for the successful millennium ball and successfully booking guest speakers for meetings. He was married to Sandra with whom he had a 55 year relationship, marrying her shortly after they had met. He was confident and outgoing, but they shared a sense of humour and had been a good team over the years. Sandra will miss him more than words can say. He retired from Muller, Market Drayton, in He had a sharp sense of humour and a refusal to suffer fools.

    Peter Bone passed away on April 15 at the age of Donations at the service were for the British Heart Foundation. A photo showing Peter on the left hand side of the table stuffing Tree of Light envelopes. The impact on poverty in developing countries has resulted in Shrewsbury Severn Rotary making a total of 76 loans, helping entrepreneurs, 1, family members and creating jobs.

    Distressing stories of children between the ages of five and 18 caring for siblings, parents and even grandparents have been revealed to a local Rotary club. Shropshire Young Carers Service worked closely with the police and social services. The young carers were carrying out a substantial caring role for a member of the family and only that day she had discovered that a boy of 13 was looking after his grandad.

    She said the caring role could adversely affect a young person in a variety of ways. These could be emotional with feelings of stress and anger and being trapped and isolated. They found it difficult to meet up with friends, which in turn could lead to being a target for bullying. They were often caring in a low income environment where there was not enough money to cover basic needs. We need to channel our resources but it is important they get these breaks. He gave Rotarians a little known insight into the brewing process at the Salopian Brewery in Hadnall near Shrewsbury. It is easy to produce one good beer, but one bad beer can knock down your reputation.

    Consistency is hugely important. We supply hundreds of pubs in the counties of Shropshire and Staffordshire as well as into Liverpool and Manchester. Last year we produced 3. He told Rotarians that six core range beers were produced all the time with four or five other beers on a monthly cycle. The fermentation eats the sugar and turns it into beer.

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    So for lower gravity core range beers it is a week long process. Every day we brew a different beer and have eight or nine different beers, including six core beers, in production at any one time. Oracle, which is more hop led, is the premier beer because of its more modern style and bigger flavour profile. Its flavour intensity is higher. She will also join the crew for the final leg from to with the race scheduled to finish in July. The race started from Liverpool last August with 12 boats, but there are 11 remaining because one was lost off.

    Tragically, one crew member lost their life. Kate, daughter of the late Gerald Chidlow, a founder member of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club when its name was Shawbury and Mid Shropshire, explained how competitive the race is. She told Rotarians about life on board, a typical day revolving around deck duties, support duties such as cooking and cleaning and the time allotted — for that all-important sleep.

    All these tasks were made more difficult because they were often performed at an angle of 45 degrees due to the constant movement of the boat. For the vibrant display of 3, purple crocus in the grass at the front of the Abbey holds a twofold message from Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club. The carpet of spring bulbs is not only a joyous introduction to Easter, but equally important a mark that polio is being conquered throughout the world.

    The purple crocus represents the purple dye which is put on the finger of every child immunised against polio with Rotary International targeting to rid the world of this disease. Members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club planted the purple crocus on November 20 and in recent days the flowers have been at their most resplendent. Despite the snow, they all seem to have survived and will hopefully represent an appropriate introduction to the Easter season. It was one of a convoy of five fire appliances driven to Romania by Shropshire Firefighters who have the code name Operation Sabre.

    When Operation Sabre started they was only had six fire engines to cover an area the size of Shropshire. Now a total of 40 appliances have been taken to the Mures region of , after being purchased and refurbished by Operation Sabre, since The fire engines are purchased for a nominal sum at the end of their working life from various Fire Authorities and refurbished prior to being sent to Romania.

    Taking five fire engines on a journey through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary to Romania was, according to Mike, too many. Before they set off from the the fire engines were filled with three and a half tonnes of equipment as well as shoes, clothes and presents, which had been donated. He outlined highlights of the journey, filling the fire engines with fuel, and showed slides of a typical Romanian village with the mayor and people in costume.

    His slides included twins in their new school uniforms. They had been brought up in a home where their Mum was a resident with mental health issues and after the previous trip when the fire fighters had bought them a bike each this time they provided them with new school uniforms. He hoped the club would be able to maintain aid and provide help to three community homes in the Mures region of Romania.

    A woman at the special needs home appreciating her teddy present. Mike with Viorica Sand, director of the special needs home. Letters subsequently received by Mike from the following:. Hi Operation Sabre,. The first contact with the Operation Sabre was made in May when, together with the mayor of Iclanzel you visited our center and after a team return in Capus in October.

    Following the discussions, we found the necessity of some aid materials for our center to work in optimal conditions. I received this help in the form of donations of clothing, sheets, shoes, extinguishers, hygiene, paints, toys, etc. Thank you all for joining us and we look forward to you in We are so grateful to have you in our lives. We are looking back in and see what a big difference your help made in our lives. And when we say that, the first thought which comes in our mind is the detector smoke system that saved our lives.

    As you know, last year we went through a fire, but we are grateful to God and to you because there were no victims. The detector smoke alarm turn on and woke people up. One of the room was burnt up but no one was injured. And we are the only service from Child Protection from our county who have this detector smoke system.

    You not only saved our lives but you brought color in our world. And the blessing from you continued to pour out. All the clothes, toys, shoes, sweets, fire extinguishers came to satisfy the needs of our moms and their children from our and not only for them. Our partnership and friendship created a new beautiful partnership with local fire department. We feel you as part of our family, and appreciate that you always ask us about our moms and their children.

    Thank you for all that you have done in our lives and may God bless you! We are looking forward to see you again and you are welcome anytime here. In addition, it is also having a grandparent figure guiding them, and the conversation, language and the vocabulary is having an impact on their confidence. It is tremendous that through the Tree of Light you have chosen to support my charity which helps with alcohol and other issues.

    We all know of somebody who has suffered from alcohol or other addictions which effects family and friends. A lot of young people see others just give up, lives are lost and they think nothing can be done. In a rural county people are living in isolation and deprivation and turn to drink and are ashamed to get the help they deserve.

    My job is removing that stigma and giving young people the help they need. In the coming months it will definitely make a big difference. Jo Garrard, of the Shropshire Recovery Partnership, told how the charity helped individuals with alcohol, drugs and other abuses to recover, get back into the community as well as into work. Shrewsbury now has two machines and the real benefit is you have worked hard to help us so that patients will no longer have to be shipped out elsewhere. When patients are shipped out this costs us money so we shall be saving money. It will attract people into the trust for examination so that other trusts will be transferring people to Shrewsbury.

    So this is an important addition to our army of equipment in the hospital. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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    Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School
    Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School
    Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School Confessions of a Perio Princess: What They Didnt Teach You in Dental Hygiene School
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