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Jedi 9. Harkyn, a convicted criminal rejected by society is the worlds last hope for salvation. Watch the Flag Raising at the National Memorial. Does he know why Zelinsky was murdered? Does he know why McCrae was murdered? Does he know why his company wants the jewels? He seems to be morphing, in front of our eyes, into a special agent of some kind. Cartwright is shaken awake by Laun. Russians are making enquiries about them, maybe the KGB, maybe the mafia, who knows.

They rough it as the cold becomes more intense, snow almost blocking the pass. Once over they stop for hot coffee and Laun has a pee. Cartwright notices with shock that his penis is mutilated. Bunch of Tibetan guards on the China-Tibet pass, apparently; began hacking at him thinking he was a Russian till the Chinese guards arrived and saved his life. They are marooned in the next settlement, below the Shandur Pass, while the snow is cleared further up and here Camanide catches up with them.

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This time he tells them a long story which gets to the heart of the plot: His grandfather was travelling through the mountains in the footsteps of two lady explorers when he stumbled across a Buddhist stupa almost buried in the sand. As he excavated it he came across the mummified body of a Chinese man with a leather satchel. Inside the satchel was an account by the man, a Buddhist monk, who had travelled far and wide.

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It contained a description of a mysterious lost valley, which he nicknames Nirvana, long and narrow with an emerald-coloured lake at the end. If you stand at the right place at the right hour a tall mountain in the north-west appears completely black. In a crack in that mountain is the gateway to the home of the troglodytes. These are tall, fair-haired strangers who carry double-edged axes and speak an unknown tongue. In the depths of the mountain is the shrine to their fearsome thunder god with a huge hammer. Now the whole narrative has exploded into an unashamed homage to the lost world genre , as pioneered by Henry Rider Haggard in the s.

Of course — it must be Vikki, from part one of the story when it still inhabited the real world. Now she has morphed along with the rest of the narrative, to become part of a fairy story! Did I mention the lost river? At several points in their earlier conversations, Laun had mentioned that the Russians began two road tunnels under the Pamirs to provide access to Afghanistan.

Tunnel two was completed and used extensively. Tunnel one is less well-known because the Russians abandoned it half built. This is because they discovered an underground river running across the intended route. A hot underground river, as if fed by hot springs. Does this recall Rider Haggard or Jules Verne? Up in the mountains Laun and Cartwright blunder on through snowstorms, abandoning the Land Rover and proceeding on skis with Everest-style one-man tents.

He and Cartwright set off in the middle of the night to elude him. Now, days later, snuggled up close to each other for body warmth in the tent high in the snowed-in mountains:. This time Laun was a young man travelling through the area and manages to hitch a lift from a metal contractor up to the tunnel diggings, where he helps the contractor unload and then — ta-da! It is at this moment that Laun sees a stocky blonde-haired, blue-eyed underground Viking people. He shouts across the river in an unknown language. The Viking nods in approval and disappears into a crack in the wall. As usual in Innes, the characters know almost all the story beforehand, they just refuse to tell anyone else about it.

Next day they stagger on through a permanent blizzard, several times barely escaping falling over cliff edges or into crevasses, all very filmic, until the snow lightens for a moment and they can see the suggestion of Nirvana Valley beneath them and a tall dark mountain looming out of the gloom. They press on and camp for another 48 hours in a howling blizzard. When it stops — they are woken by voices outside their tent. Laun tries Pathan and Urdu, no response, Cartwright tries some simple Swedish he picked up working with Swedish navvies in Canada — and the voices respond, telling them to stay there till they return.

They have met the Lost Viking Tribe! They are led down into the mysterious underground kingdom in scenes reminiscent of HG Wells, Jules Verne and Rider Haggard — are given the kind of tour of the facilities all characters are given in pulp sci-fi stories, having it all explained to them, how the thermal energy is converted to the electricity that powers the fluorescent lighting everywhere, and the lifts and the computer terminals!

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And there to greet them — in a scene beyond parody — is that damn Frenchman Antoine again. But what Laun and Cartwright quickly discover is there is trouble in Paradise. Turns out the current king, Ali Khan, is an outsider who made himself powerful as Chief Secretary before almost certainly murdering the old king and marrying Vikki.

Shannen Doherty Joins ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 in Luke Perry Tribute

And Vikki has secured the rescue of Anamaria, the street urchin he shared those nights with on the reed island, finding her and having her flown to join her in her underground kingdom. Did Anamaria know this was in the offing when she made her hasty escape from Romania? Why was she set on getting to Alma-Ata, had she had word from Vikki? Vikki has just given birth to a baby.

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However, the baby is a girl, not the boy child required by the psychotic Khan. And at that moment, as all of this is being breathlessly explained to Paul and Laun, the king returns from a foreign visit and sweeps into the chamber demanding to know whether it is true that the child is a girl, well Is she, is she? Vikki shrieks, Anamaria sneaks round behind the king and slips one of her fatal hat-pins into his belly just as Cartwright, reacting on instinct, draws his gun and fills Khan full of bullets.

There is a moment of silence before all hell breaks loose. Fortunately, Erik Bigblad arrives, the figurehead of the traditional Swedish faction against the Asiatics represented by Khan, and he quickly takes control. He and his men disarm the Asiatic men, and the coup is complete. Note, even in this adventure fantasy setting, the odd parallelism with the earlier narrative, for this is the second time Anamaria has murdered a man for killing a baby — the first time it was Gregor, her pimp, who took away her own baby.

And note also the heedless, almost unstoppable, brutality of men towards the most innocent and vulnerable in society. Surreally, the last chapter is set in London three weeks later, where Cartwright is making his report to his nominal boss, Alex Goodbody, all the while trying to decide whether to strike out and set up his own company. That damn Frenchman turns up again and describes some of the scenes Cartwright missed back in the valley, namely the swearing-in ceremony of his Vikki as new ruler of Nirvana. Cartwright decides: Yes! Even while making far fewer films, Leonardo DiCaprio continues to elevate his titles to event status.

Take that, Leonardo DiCaprio. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire. Johnson's movie-star status says as much about the times as it does about the actor.

CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)
CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)
CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)
CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)
CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)
CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1) CALAMITY (A Captain Grande Angil Mystery Book 1)

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