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Equally, mass migration from Africa has its roots in unsustainable population growth and climate change. Soon, water and food shortages will be the norm across much of the world's middle belt. Meanwhile, the oceans are being choked with plastic, suffocated and turned to acid as they rise to drown lowlands. Phenomena like the anti-immigrant racism of Donald Trump and right-wing parties around the world, the new nationalism of the Scottish National Party and Catalans, the shrinking from the world of Brexit supporters are often said to be symptomatic of a frustration at the failures of globalisation.

And disgust with leaders who failed to recognise that not everyone gains from growth.

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But perhaps there is another, as yet mostly unspoken realisation creeping up the backs of humankind, that globalisation means that there will be nowhere to hide when global competition becomes a struggle over the very sources of life. When people are scared they get nasty because their futures appear brutish and short.

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This may explain the circling of the wagons, the retreat from enlightenment into nation, tribe and clan. An urge to greet neighbours with pitchforks not pitchers of beer. The world will soon be at permanent war over shrinking resources - homo sapiens locked in a permanent fight for survival. Unlike the vaulted tomb, which lay near Megiddo's palace, this tomb was surrounded by humbler houses and graves. If the results hold up, they hint that long-distance travel was not confined to the elite. Dozens of ancient DNA samples from the region, including many from Megiddo, are now being analyzed, and may soon shed more light on the genetic makeup of the city's inhabitants, Carmel added.

Glenn Schwartz, an archaeologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who is not involved with the dig, says the burst of data from Megiddo, rich in genetic and chemical detail, doesn't just provide fresh insight into this important Bronze Age center. The findings also "illustrate the numerous new techniques derived from the natural sciences that archaeologists are now using to identify the source and identity of the humans, animals, plants, and other materials found in the archaeological record.

By Jeffrey Brainard Oct. By Catherine Matacic Oct.

By Jocelyn Kaiser Oct. All rights Reserved. Two men in the ancient city of Megiddo who may have had leprosy were nurtured, not shunned. Jugs found in Bronze Age tombs held vanilla residues.

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Got a tip? How to contact the news team. Science Insider. In bid to boost transparency, bioRxiv begins posting peer reviews next to preprints By Jeffrey Brainard Oct.

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Drug tailored to one girl with brain disease paves way for similar customized treatments By Jocelyn Kaiser Oct. One billion people, many in poor countries, have major vision problems that could be fixed By Jeffrey Brainard Oct. Ruth Connell Read more. Sean Gunn Read more.

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Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon? Armageddon Soon?
Armageddon Soon?

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